Press Sheet Inspection - A How To

These are the major areas of concern when reviewing press sheets at a press inspection. Not a comprehensive list but the most common problems can be avoided use these areas as a guideline.

  1. Check that the paper is what you ordered.
  2. Check your last blueline against the sheet to make sure all corrections have been made and make sure no images or copy have been dropped.
  3. Check the registration marks for register, then check the rest of the sheet with a loupe.
  4. Check the page crossovers by folding the sheet. The pressman can fold and trim a press sheet by hand into a signature to make sure all matches as intended.
  5. Check for pleasing color.
  6. Match the sheet against the approved color proof.
  7. Check for broken type or smeared type.
  8. Check for uneven color especially in large solid areas. Look for color is consistentcy across the entire sheet.
  9. Match the printed piece to the colors of any companion pieces in a marketing program such as brochures and envelopes.
  10. Look for printing press and blanket errors such as slurring, doubling, scumming, hickeys, ghosting, mottling of colors.
  11. Keep a sample of the final sign-off sheet so you can match it to the piece once it has been delivered. The color will still vary slightly even after you sign off on the job but your sign-off sheet is the goal, the "contract proof" to which the printer will use as the proof for the entire print run.


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